Easy Crafts to Make this Valentine’s Day (2024)

Just when you’re thinking “Didn’t we just celebrate New Year?!?” you realise it’s actually February already. And amongst celebrations like Karneval here in Germany, there’s THAT celebration of love on the 14th of this month! 🥰

So, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to get hands-on and create some special, homemade goodies for your loved ones.

In this blog post, I’ve put together a bundle of easy and creative Valentine’s Day crafts that are as enjoyable to make as they are to give. These projects are all great for adults and there’s some good ones in there for the kiddos to try too!

Whether you’re into working with fabric, beads, paper, wood, or all of them 😅 you’ll find something here to fall in love with!

Time to break out the craft supplies and spread some love with these DIY Valentine’s Day craft projects that everyone can enjoy!

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What Can I Make for Valentine’s Day?

Heart Paper Flowers

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If paper crafts are your thing, then these heart paper flowers are a super lovely project! And if you own a hobby cutting machine (Cricut, Scan n Cut etc) all the better! Of course, you can cut out the heart shapes with scissors, a cutting machine is just faster 😉.

Grab some coloured paper and glue, get your kids involved too, and start making these gorgeous flowers for Valentine’s Day.

Find all the details to make these Heart Paper Flowers at Happiness is Homemade.

Tip: Should you be looking for even more flowers to make that last longer than the fresh cut variety, take a look at this post here too 👉 DIY Flowers 5 Ways .

Fabric Hearts Tote Bag

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This tote bag with hearts projects is great for sewing fans because there’s surely some fabric and/or ribbon scraps hiding in your stash pile to use! 😅 AND you don’t even need to sew the bag itself, just the heart detail!

The heart in this tutorial was made using strips of ribbon, but there’s no reason why you can’t use fabric strips instead. Just get creative!

Get the Fabric Hearts Tote Bag tutorial at Atta Girl Says.

Valentine’s Cork Heart

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Stop! Don’t throw out those wine corks! This one’s probably more of a Valentine’s craft for the grown-ups, but if your child is OK with a hot glue gun, there’s no reason they can’t get creative with this project too.

Wine corks? Check! Hot glue gun? Check! It’s really that easy to get crafting this February! Psst! This would make a eye-catching table or gift basket centrepiece.

See how you can make these hearts too at Sand and Sisal.

String Art Heart

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The perfect blend of working with wood and textiles (threads, to be exact, but you get the idea 😅), this is a beautiful Valentine’s craft project for adults and kids (with some supervision) alike! And because the strings criss-cross in all directions, every one of these is entirely unique!

Make your string art as large or small as you wish, grab a piece of wood, a pile of nails and some wool or embroidery thread and get winding and criss-crossing!

Get the details to make your own String Art Heart at Anna Howe Design.

Glass Bead Heart Suncatcher

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This gorgeous glass beard heart hanger is not only a suncatcher but also an eyecatcher! Kids will love making this craft project as much as adults and it’s completely safe because there’s no hot glue gun involved here.

While it needs to be set aside for a couple of days to completely dry, the project itself doesn’t take long to put together and aside from your choice of beads (plastic or glass both work well) you’ll oble need glue and aluminium foil! Easy!

Discover how to make one too at One Little Project.

Even More Sweet Valentine’s Fabric DIY Projects

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No-Sew Heart Pillow

Valentine’s Day Scraps Stash Sewing Projects

I hope these easy and creative Valentine’s Day projects have inspired you to add a personal touch to your celebrations. Remember, it’s not just about the final product, but the love and thoughtfulness poured into each creation.

Did you make one of these Valentine’s crafts? Tell us how it went!

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  3. Materials and Techniques: The article mentions a variety of materials and techniques used in crafting these Valentine's Day projects, such as working with paper, fabric, wood, beads, and sewing. It also highlights specific tools and methods, such as using hobby cutting machines for paper crafts, sewing fabric hearts onto tote bags, creating string art with nails and thread, and making suncatchers with glass beads and glue.

  4. Involvement of Children: The article encourages the involvement of children in these crafting projects, indicating that some of the crafts are suitable for kids to try as well. This emphasizes the idea of creating a bonding experience and sharing the joy of crafting with the whole family.

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With this in mind, I am well-equipped to provide insights and guidance on how to create these Valentine's Day crafts and make the celebration even more special through personalized and heartfelt gifts.

Easy Crafts to Make this Valentine’s Day (2024)


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